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Yoga par la mer

Activate your self-healing power with yoga therapy

For millennia, the practice of yoga provides relief and cures many ailments


The practice of yoga regulates organ functions, especially in diseases such as pulmonarycardiovasculardigestivegynecological, metabolic, autoimmune and endocrine disorders…. It also helps to manage musculoskeletal ailments and soothe the nervous system, improving insomnia, depression, addiction...  It is also a great help for pain management


Scientific research has proven that yoga therapy is one of the most effective alternative and complementary therapies in the cure or improvement of many common diseases. 


Yoga therapy adapts yoga techniques to the needs and goals of people with conditions that cannot be taken into account during group sessions. It uses the principles and practices of yoga to improve the state of health and well-being of the individual. The conditions are approached in a holistic way, with the aim of eliminating the cause.


Yoga therapy packages


Program + 1 Class

A 90-minute class introducing the regular program containing the techniques that best suit your needs and objectives.


Pack of several Classes + Program

A number of classes, according to your preferences, gradually teaches you to practice your adapted program independently.

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